5 Grooming Products For Men Who Suck At Skin Care

Are you a tech guy? Are you an engineer? Could you be in a creative field or perhaps you’re a doctor?

Regardless of where you work, you cannot deny the data/numbers. Your seniors might question your intentions or emotions, but as long as numbers are up, nobody will question your worth.

That’s exactly how it is with skincare.

Your head may or may not be into the skincare game, but you cannot ignore its perks—younger-looking, glowing skin, shrunk pores and even skin tone.

But we also understand the doubts of the uninitiated. So let us introduce you to no-fuss grooming heroes—skincare products that are so good at their job that you even if you suck at grooming, you’ll get the results.


1. Hemp Moisturizer

Skin care with a twist! Hemp as an ingredient works for all skin types as it can moisturize without clogging your pores. It can hydrate skin and regulate its oil production at the same time.

This hemp moisturizer is packed with other skin smoothening and soothing ingredients as well—organic hemp, frankincense, chamomile, vitamins and minerals. They help maintain skin elasticity and reduce dark spots and blemishes

The hemp moisturizer is loaded with anti-ageing, anti-acne and anti-pigmentation properties that work by reversing your skin’s age.

2. Concealer

Dark circles, acne scars, large pores, age spots, wrinkles or fine lines—whatever is your skin’s problem, concealer is the solution. It improves skin appearance without changing your skin shade. You can easily use it on a daily basis as the ingredients are natural and nourishing.

Pick a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone. Gently apply to the area that needs coverage. Use the cushion provided at the other end, or your fingers to blend it. Dab some extra strokes where needed.

3. Anti-Aging Face Serum

Young man, if your skin is covered in large pores, wrinkles and fine lines, you need to apply this anti-aging serum before your moisturizer and after cleansing. It’s packed with the goodness of rosehip oil, hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil and vitamin C and E, which help to reduce fine lines and age spots and refine skin texture.

4. Marine Collagen

Slightly more than what you’d feel like spending on skincare. But trust me, once your skin has spent 3-4 months with marine collagen, you wouldn’t dream of anything else. It’s the secret to nearly perfect Korean skin. Marine collagen works on your skin faster than plant-based collagen builders and gives you nourished, glowing and firm skin. If you use it for long enough you’ll get the clear, brighter skin you’ve always fancied.

5. 24K Gold Mask

Probably the only mask I’d request you to try at least once before rejecting it completely. 24k gold mask is a premium multi-tasking skincare product. It nourishes, hydrates and revitalizes the skin at the same time. This baby contains real 24k gold foil which is extensively used in high-end anti-aging skincare formulas.

The Bottomline

Yes, the skincare game is intimate for men who haven’t been keeping up with the grooming trends and beauty industry. But you also need to understand that what skincare does is a mix of science and sorcery. It’s good for both your skin and your self-esteem.



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