4 Mascara Mistakes That Age You Instantly, According To Professional MUAs

A coat of mascara often serves as that finishing, essential touch that accompanies eye-opening eyeliner and/or shaded eyeshadow. While the lifting and volumizing tool certainly has the power to create a more youthful makeup look, there are 4 mistakes you might be making that could create an opposite effect. With that said, we checked in with professional makeup artists Mary Winkenwerder and Alyssia Chang, founder of Prevail Beauty, to learn more about vital mascara errors to avoid if your goal is to take years off your look!


Mistake #1: Using Older or Expired Mascara

The easiest way to get an undesired clumpy look, Chang says, is to use a product that is older or expired. “Mascara formulas are constantly being updated and improved, so if you’re still using the same mascara you’ve been using for years, it’s time to switch things up,” Chang advises. “Newer mascaras often have better staying power and can give your lashes a fuller, more voluminous look,” she says. When it comes to purchasing new makeup products, many experts suggest reassessing your eye makeup every 3-6 months and replacing it if it begins to clump or gives a flatter or less voluminous effect when applied.

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#2— Forgetting To Curl Your Lashes First

Eyelash curlers are mascara’s best friend when it comes to sky-high lashes, Chang said. Failing to use this tool before applying your mascara can lead to that droopy look you’re aiming to avoid. “Many women make the mistake of not curling their lashes before applying mascara,” Chang explains. This, she says, can “give your lashes a droopy, downward-facing appearance that can make you look tired and aged.” She suggests “curling your lashes with an eyelash curler before applying mascara to help give them a more lifted look.”


#3— Not Applying Mascara Evenly (or Adding Too Much!)

The best anti-aging mascara looks are evenly dispersed, not clumpy and subtle, Winkenwerder explains. “Rich mascara statements are gorgeous, and it takes a patient hand to create them,” she says. “Take your time when applying mascara so just enough is applied to the right areas,” she adds. To do this, Winkenwerder suggests coating the lashes lightly. Then, she “build mascara volume slowly with a clean wand and allow it to set for about 5 to 10 minutes before starting your day.” Too much mascara at once makes lashes “look even,” she stresses, even when they are “naturally full” and healthy. When using a clean wand, Winkenwerder says it’s important to “make sure the lashes are evenly coated with mascara, one coat at a time.” Evenly applied mascara looks “healthy,” and your lashes will look much better if you “build volume with mascara one step at a time for dynamic lash statements.”


#4— Sleeping In Your Mascara

Perhaps the most crucial error of all to avoid when it comes to eye makeup is sleeping in it or not removing it fully before hitting the sheets. This, Chang stresses, can lead to more wrinkling, dark under-eyes and clogged pores, among other drawbacks. “Mascara can easily clump and flake off during the night, leaving you with raccoon eyes and bacteria on your skin in the morning,” she notes. “This can make your skin age and look much older than you actually are,” she warns. Chang concludes that it’s always important to “use a good makeup remover and take the time to gently remove all traces of mascara before going to bed.”


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