4 Eaglesoft Insurance Suite features to save time and speed up your revenue cycle

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The insurance workflow has historically been one of the more time-intensive and frustrating processes for dental offices. But the Eaglesoft Insurance Suite makes managing this part of the business faster and more efficient – ​​all for one low monthly fee. With the click of a button in Eaglesoft Insurance Suite, you can get real-time eligibility information for patients and you can submit electronic claims and attachments and track their status directly within Eaglesoft.


Eaglesoft Insurance Suite: 4 key solutions

Eaglesoft Insurance Suite’s eligibility data and electronic claims processing capability are powered by Change Healthcare, a market leader with comprehensive payer connectivity and a longtime Patterson partner. The suite bundles four key solutions – real-time eligibility, electronic claims, electronic attachments and electronic remittance advice – in one offering.

1. Real time eligibility

This feature allows you to see the patient’s benefits before a visit or verify them while the patient is in the chair. This quick process helps you determine which treatments are covered and at what frequency, eliminating surprises for you and the patient and increasing case acceptance with little additional effort. Plus, the benefits information will remain in the patient’s account for future care reference.

You may not currently verify eligibility for every patient at every visit, but you may want to consider doing so with this suite. It’s simple and helps you quickly identify coverage changes.

2. Electronic claims processing

Quickly submit insurance claims, add supporting documentation, view submitted claims and check claim status for accurate, real-time payment information. These processes, which may have previously taken you or your team hours to navigate manually, now take minutes. Don’t let the software’s ease of use fool you. It’s sophisticated enough to handle individual payer challenges, such as multiple-payer group numbers and addresses, and changes to patient coverage mid-treatment. Most importantly, faster processing means faster payments to your office.

3. Electronic attachments

Include explanations of benefits, images and other scanned documents with your claim before you send it to the payer. Files can be bundled together, saving time, increasing clarity on the payer end and ensuring documents stay together from start to finish. The eAttachments solution also allows you to check payer requirements to ensure you’re submitting attachments correctly, which reduces claim rejections.

4. Electronic remittance advice

With this functionality, you can get payment information in advance, allowing you to better forecast reimbursement rates and income. The insurance payment information populates automatically at both the claim and service code level, significantly reducing the time it takes to process and apply insurance payments.

By bundling these four solutions into one offering, Eaglesoft Insurance Suite allows practice managers to save time and shorten their revenue cycle all through an easy-to-use software platform. And for peace of mind, Eaglesoft provides unmatched support.

Shortened revenue cycle

For Erin Moormeier, a practice manager at Bayshore Dental in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, the convenience of sending electronic claims and attachments is key to getting paid faster. “You’ve got to pay your bills to run a practice,” says Moormeier. “My goal is to get insurance to process as quickly as possible, and sending claims with Eaglesoft definitely helps us in that area.”

As an office and IT manager and marketing director at Hale Family Dental in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Cassie Hale uses Eaglesoft Insurance Suite to get paid weeks in advance by submitting claims online. In addition, Hale reports that “Eaglesoft Insurance Suite has improved our workflow significantly, reducing stress for the team and ensuring patient treatment can move forward.”

Ease of use

The seamless integration of Eaglesoft Insurance Suite “improves your flow from start to finish,” says Hale. “If a patient has a question about what’s covered, I can just look it up in their patient record. It’s really easy. And I appreciate not having to worry about the claims and how they’re processed.”

Unmatched support

What truly sets Eaglesoft apart from other software solutions is the support customers receive. “If I reach out to Eaglesoft support, I get a quick answer,” says Moormeier. “I’m really enjoying, that over the last year, my relationship with Patterson has been growing. We like our technology; we like our software! I fully would recommend the insurance suite and Patterson to anybody.”

Eaglesoft offers a comprehensive line of eServices. Visit pattersondental.com to learn more about Eaglesoft Insurance Suite and Revenue Cycle Management tools specifically designed for dental practices.

A version of this article originally appeared in Advantage magazine by Patterson Dental. Read the original article and explore the full publication here.

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