17 Best Shampoos for Thinning Hair 2022

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Fact: everyone wants a full, thick head of hair. Unfortunately, that texture is not always easily attainable, especially if you’re dealing with thinning hair.

Typically, genetics is one of the main culprits behind finer-looking strands, unwanted shedding, and hair loss. When sensitivity to DHT (a vital hormone for hair) occurs, says BosleyMD certified trichologist Gretchen Friese, the hormone “attacks the hair follicle, minimizing it, which in turn makes the hair thinner and weaker until it eventually falls out.”

Not to mention, a slew of environmental factors like poor diet, illness, hormonal changes, and stressful events (we’re looking at you, pandemic) can play a role in why your hair might be thinning, too. “Hair, being a non-essential tissue, is super sensitive to health and diet,” says Anabel Kingsley, Philip Kingsley’s brand president and consultant trichologist. “If anything is amiss internally hair is often the first part of us to suffer.”

But fret not! The right shampoo can be key in achieving a healthy, voluminous mane. “A shampoo can add body and volume to fine/thinning hair,” notes Kingsley. “Regular shampooing also helps keep the scalp clean, flake-free, and healthy, which is important to hair growth.”

Below, we rounded up the best shampoos for thinning hair that will restore, revive, and salvage your limp strands.

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Best volumizing

full shampoo

  • Boosts fullness and volume
  • Removes impurities
  • Prevents and reduces hair damage

If it’s fullness and bounce you’re after, Living Proof’s volumizing shampoo will do the trick. A proprietary amino cleansing complex, amaranth peptides, and phytantriol (a hair conditioning agent) team up in this lightweight formula to cleanse and pump up the density to deliver silky smooth tresses.

best budget

Biolage Advanced Full Density Shampoo

  • Removes impurities
  • Strengthens weakened strands
  • Boosts fullness and volume

Get right to the root of the thinning issue (see what we did there?) with this powerhouse product that gently cleanses hair by removing follicle-clogging impurities all with the help of biotin, zinc PCA, and a gluco-omega blend.

Best for Limp Hair

Cleansing Volumizing Paste with Rose Extracts

  • Boosts fullness and volume
  • Exfoliates scalp
  • Rich, thick lather

Bid flat hair AU Revoir with this innovative shampoo from the French favorite brand. It starts off as a clay paste and then transforms into an airy foam to enhance limp hair, giving an impression of fullness starting at the roots.

Best for scalp

Nioxin System 1 Cleanser

  • Deeply cleanses scalp
  • Provides shine
  • Lightweight formula

Healthy, fuller-looking hair starts with a happy scalp. And for that, you turn to Nioxin. This detoxifying shampoo is specially formulated to remove buildup, pollutants, and toxins in fine hair, leaving it feeling full, bouncy, and shiny.

Drugstore Favorite

L’Oreal Paris EverStrong Thickening Sulfate Free Shampoo

  • Affordable
  • Suitable for color-treated hair
  • Boosts fullness and volume

L’Oréal Paris’s thickening shampoo works just as well (some would argue maybe even better) than more expensive options on the market. Formulated with rosemary leaf (a beneficial ingredient for hair loss), this cleansing system does wonders at fortifying fragile hair and promoting thicker and stronger strands after just one wash.

Best for Reducing Shedding

GRO Revitalizing Shampoo for Thinning Hair

  • Enhances hair thickness
  • Deeply restores damaged strands
  • Provides shine

True to its name, Vegamour’s shampoo brings life back into lifeless, limp hair. A specially-formulated vegan keratin deeply moisturizes and adds shine to tresses, while a blend of marula, baobab, and murumuru butter protects against free radicals and red clover/mung bean reduces signs of shedding. Oh, and the citrus scent is truly divine, too.

Trichologist Approved

Bosley BosRevive Color Safe Nourishing Shampoo

  • Promotes healthy hair growth
  • Reduces scalp inflammation
  • Deep cleanses

According to Friese, thinning strands don’t stand a chance against this volume-boosting and nourishing sudser by BosleyMD that’s also paraben- and sulfate-free and safe for color-treated hair. What makes this pick particularly special is its mane-loving formula: it contains pumpkin seed extract and saw palmetto, which work together to block DHT from the scalp surface and strengthen, restore, and promote hair growth all at the same time.

Best for Straight Hair

Thickening Volume Shampoo

  • Boosts fullness and volume
  • Lightweight formula
  • Moisturizes damaged strands

Gals with straight hair know all too well that achieving bounce and body is not that easy. This pick, however, can give you the voluminous style you’ve always wanted. Packed with pro-vitamin B5 and acetamide MEA, Bumble and Bumble’s lightweight shampoo helps remove impurities, balance moisture, and deliver that coveted fullness.

Best for Natural Hair

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Replenishing Shampoo

  • Soothes scalp
  • Softens over-processed hair
  • Promotes healthy hair

People with curls, coils, and kinks can also struggle with thinning hair and hair loss caused by heat-styling or chemical treatments. This clarifying cleanser that’s rich in Jamaican black castor oil, shea butter, peppermint, and apple cider vinegar helps transform dry and brittle hair into luscious locks instantly.

Best for Dandruff

Flaky Scalp

  • Soothes scalp
  • Suitable for color-treated hair
  • Gentle enough for everyday use

“Scalp flaking can contribute to/worsen hair shedding,” says Kingsley. “It can also negatively impact the integrity and strength of hairs as they emerge from the follicle.” Nip hair shedding and undesirable flakes in the bud with this anti-dandruff shampoo that Kingsley loves.

Best Strengthening

Strengthening Shampoo With Quinine & Edelweiss

  • Boosts fullness and volume
  • Stimulates the hair
  • Strengthens with vitamin B complex

Whether your locks are naturally fine or you’re experiencing shedding more than usual due to hereditary or environmental factors, this plant-based shampoo from this T&C-approved brand will come to the rescue and restore the strength of and thicken weak strands.

Best With Naturally-Derived Ingredients

Ginseng + Biotin Volumizing Shampoo

  • Boosts fullness and volume
  • Promotes scalp health
  • Deeply cleanses and clarifies

No one does clean hair care as well as Briogeo. This shampoo is infused with follicle supporting ginseng, biotin, and vitamin B5, as well as maltodextrin and witch hazel extract, which all work together to instantly revive limp strands and provide long-term hair health benefits.

Best luxury

Shampooing with Miel Volumizing Shampoo

  • Boosts fullness and volume
  • Provides shine
  • Light, fresh scent

This shampoo—infused with an aromatic blend of lavender honey and French rose extracts and body-building proteins—goes above and beyond to gently cleanse away any buildup and impurities while amping up the volume and body and increasing shine. A luxurious lather if we do say so ourselves.

Best for Hair Growth

Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo

  • Affordable
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Smoothes strands and eliminates frizz

Viviscal has been a fan-favorite among celebrities and models for years and has been hailed for its ability to re-grow damaged hair. The brand’s shampoo contains a powerful and potent combination of keratin, biotin, and zinc that work in overdrive to promote healthy hair.

Best anti aging

Caviar Clinical Densifying Shampoo

  • Deep cleanses
  • Boosts fullness and volume
  • Gentle formula

Less gunk, shinier strands, and a fuller mane—that’s what you can expect when washing your hair with this densifying treatment. It’s formulated with luxurious caviar extract and rich in Omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals to help cleanse, detoxify, thicken, and protect any factors that can cause hair to look and feel older.

Best for dry hair

Bain Density Shampoo

  • Deeply hydrates
  • Boosts fullness and volume
  • Provide shine

Thirsty tresses will be a distant memory when you lather this Kérastase formula onto your scalp and through your length. It’s packed with good-for-hair ingredients, including hyaluronic acid and ceramides, that lock in moisture, strengthen hair, and adds an extra oomph of volume to your roots.

Best for Damaged Hair

Flourish Shampoo For Thinning Hair

  • Deep cleanses
  • Help stimulates hair growth
  • Protects and repairs damage

Virtue’s thickening shampoo does more than just deeply cleanse and remove debris from the follicle. Thanks to an innovative formula of Alpha and Gamma Keratin proteins, rice-based humectants, and active plant extracts, it also volumizes and thickens locks, stimulates growth, and protects and repairs damaged hair that’s been through the wringer.

All hair types can be affected by thinning or shedding. But the best way to address the problem is by first incorporating a shampoo formulated to volumize and restore your strands and slow down hair loss.

Reaching for formulas with hair-strengthening ingredients, such as biotin and keratin can be beneficial. Also, “staying away from sulfates is a good idea for overall healthy hair,” adds Friese, since that can do more harm than good.

How often you wash your hair can also play a part in helping your thinning tresses. Friese recommends shampooing your hair at least every other day to help keep follicles free from any build-up of oils, product, and debris.

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